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The line-up of these art rockers from Stockport (England) is impressive, with names as Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley, Lol Creme and, in particular, Graham Gouldman (the latter the spiritual father of such splendid songs as For Your Love, Bus Stop, Look Through Any Window and No Milk Today). 

What 10CC means - SemenProducer Jonathan King is supposed to have been the inventor of the name 10CC, convinced as he was that an average ejaculation yields about 9 cc semen and therefore that 10 cc is an enviable quantity. 

Two comments need to be made on this subject. One is that later King came back on his words and claimed the name 'had come to him in a dream' (can happen to any man of course), the other is that the '9 cc-story' is wrong from a biological viewpoint: the end shot of an average man - whoever he may be - actually can not be estimated very well; it varies from 0.1 cc to (yes!) 10 cc.

Volume-wise Premier League, this English band. 

Active: 1972-1983; 1991-1995; 1999-present, GBR

See also: Lovin' Spoonful

Zebra Three - Wake up guys!

Not to be confused with the just as American hard rock band Zebra from New Orleans, Louisiana, that - quite predictably - performs in vertically striped shirts. 

Contrastingly Zebra Three owes its reputation mainly to its most prominent band member, Troy Hess, who was promoted by his father, Bennie Hess, at the age of only two! When he was entitled to be called a veteran - Troy was seven years old by then - this child prodigy recorded the song Please Don't Go Topless, Mother. 

Later he formed the band Zebra Three, a kind of cover band that vents its herd instinct by playing mediocre songs performed much earlier and much better - or at least more professionally - by the original artists. 

Explanation of band name Zebra Three - Starsky and Hutch 1975The band name Zebra Three has been pinched as well, because with this name Troy and his colleagues in fact refer to the American Starsky & Hutch television series, degenerated to camp by now. In that series Zebra Three was the code name (radio call) the fictional Bay City Police Department used to wake the two Homicide Division detectives up or bring them into line. 

Active: ca. 1978-present, USA

Yardbirds, The - Adopt a hobo

Meaning of Yardbirds - HoboKnown as the London blues band in which a very young Eric Clapton played for a short while (from October 1963 until May 1965 to be exact), only to walk out upset when the repertoire became too poppy to his taste. 

A yardbird of course is a prisoner or a convict. It is also a nickname for idlers, loafers and hobos, which suggests that the Yardbirds members did not hold themselves in very high esteem. 

There are sources pointing out that jazz musician Charlie Parker was nicknamed Yardbird. His repertoire included a song titled Yardbird Suite. 

Active: 1963-1968; 1992-present, GBR
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