AC/DC band name meaning

(1973-now, AUS) – Rock band, formed by the brothers Malcolm and Angus Young of Scottish origins.

The question where the young brothers first saw AC/DC is a matter of heated debate: on an amplifier, an electric iron, a vacuum cleaner or a sewing machine. It is unquestionable however that the abbreviation refers to Alternating Current/Direct Current.

ACDC band name meaning - AC DC symbolsRegarding the electric sewing machine: Angus’ mother is supposed to have manufactured his school costume on this device, with the said indication clearly legible on the back. The machine will have worked on the mains as well as on batteries, which may explain why AC/DC is also a metaphor for bi-sexuality. 

Anyway: electrifying! The young Angus supposedly set his hand to the guitar with so much enthusiasm that he didn’t allow himself the time to redress after school, a habit he never got out of.

Incidentally numerous other explanations for ‘AC/DC’ are to be found, amongst others Anti Christ/Devil Child, After Christ Devil Come and Alameda County Death Cult, references to allegations of the group being engaged in hell, murder, chaos, destruction, sex, violence and more such evil. The band members themselves however have always relegated the allegations to the realm of fantasy.

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