AA & The Doctors band name meaning

(1979-now, NLD) – Thanks to the unsurpassed Pop Archive in Groningen in the Netherlands we know that AA & The Doctors is only one of many names Albert ‘Appie’ Alberts coupled to his rock band. 

AA and the Doctors band name meaning - Degradable plastic bagAlberts, who gets his inspiration from amongst others John Coltrane and Charlie Parker, performed in the past with formations that went by the following names: AA & the Horny Horns; AA & the Prostitutes; AA & the Symptoms; AA & the Juveniles; AA & the Breeze; AA & the Blue Boys; AA & the Offwhites and The Moderno’s. 

The most significant band name however remains AA & The Doctors, a reference to the fact that Appie got his degree certificate. 

Trivia: Appie Alberts managed to reach the national press with his invention of a kind of biologically decomposable plastic.

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