D-12 band name meaning

Group of hip hoppers from Detroit, Michigan, of which rapper Eminem, who later rose to great heights, was once part.

D-12 stands for Dirty Dozen (even though names as D-Twizzy, DTizzle and Detroit-Twelve occasionally count as well) and that is a bit odd for a party that consists of six men.

It starts to make sense once you know that at first the grander plan was to unite Detroit’s twelve most talented rappers in one group. Unfortunately it turned out to be impossible to complete the dozen without making major concessions to the quality of the formation. For this reason the group stuck to six men, each of them adopting an alter ego by way of compensation - after all, six times two equals twelve just as well.

Meaning of D-12 - Lee Marvin - The Dirty Dozen
Lee Marvin in The Dirty Dozen
The 'real' Dirty Dozen of course were the leading actors of the film of the same name by director Robert Aldrich (1967), starring among others Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine and Charles Bronson.

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