Ed Gein's Car band name meaning

Hardcore punk band that critics (or admirers, that is also possible) described as 'the spirited wise asses of New York City's mid 1980s hardcore punk scene'. 

Band name meaning Ed Geins Car - Ed Gein caught
They started performing while still studying in New Paltz in the state of New York; within a few weeks they were declared unwelcome visitors by every cafĂ©, which induced Ed Gein's Car to try their luck in New York City. Singer Scott Weiss, a former bike messenger, was far ahead of his time with his shaven head. Unfortunately his outfit (boxing shorts, t-shirt and sandals) made him a popular target of the sarcastic New Yorkers. 

Edward ('Ed') Theodore Gein (1906-1984) was an American murderer and violator of graves who was active in and around his home town Plainfield in Wisconsin. At one point the authorities discovered that Gein had exhumed bodies of which he had gathered the skin and bones around him as trophies. The police got on his track thanks to a 16 year old boy next door, who reported that Gein had shriveled heads at home. According to Ed Gein these were relics from the Philippines, but research showed that it was skin that was carefully removed from human skulls; supposedly Gein used them as masks. 

Regarding Ed Gein’s car: it was publicly auctioned in 1958. The vehicle, used by Ed Gein to bring his macabre booty back home, was sold for the at the time not inconsiderable sum of 760 dollars. Lucky buyer was fairground operator Bunny Gibbons; visitors of his fairground could thoroughly examine the car after paying 25 cents.
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