Foo Fighters band name meaning

The alternatively rocking Foo Fighters in fact are a sort of one-man project championed by David Grohl, who was Nirvana's drummer before that band transcended the cycle of reincarnation.

Meaning of band name Foo Fighters - Roswell balloon or UFO
The crashed Roswell balloon or UFO
Grohl has a fascination for all things alien, as evidenced by among others the fact that he named his own record company Roswell Records, after an event that took place on or around 8 July 1947. At that time debris was salvaged, according to the US Government from a crashed experimental army balloon (‘project Mogul’), according to others from an unidentified flying object with the remains of aliens still on board the wreck. 

Concerning the original Foo-Fighters (note the dash): these are said to have been a kind of UFOs spotted by British and American pilots: unidentified aircraft capable of moving with high speed. It is believed that this phenomenon actually is a kind of ball lightning generated by the friction of open air with the metal hull of the aircraft.

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