Happy Mondays band name meaning

Meaning of band name Happy Mondays - Japanase government
(1980-1993; 1999-2000; 2004-present, GB) – Could it be that the Japanese government shows more consideration for the needs of its subjects than governments in the rest of the world do? One would think so, because in 2000 and 2003 it was determined by law that from then on four holidays had to be celebrated on a Monday so that workers can enjoy a lovely long weekend.

The holidays are Maturity Day, Navy Day, Respect the Elderly Day and Sport and Health Day – all holidays that, as far as we can tell, in most parts of the world do not receive the treatment they deserve. Japanese staff was very happy with it and consequently this quartet of free days is known as the Happy Mondays. 

That brings us to the band of that name, specializing in alternative rock, Madchester and acid house, and based in Little Hulton. 

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