Incubus - Looking for female victims

American rock band from Calabasas, California, formed by three high school students who will presumably have graduated by now.

Incubus - John Henri Fuseli - The Nightmare
A medieval Jewish-Christian popular belief has it that a succubus (patience please, we will come back to incubus in a moment) is a female demon. The name succubus is derived from Latin succubare or ‘ly under'. This devilish lady feeds on the energy and / or male hormones of her victims, usually resulting in death (of the victims presumably).

The male counterpart of the succubus - see, now we are getting there - is called incubus (plural incubi and derived from Latin incubare or 'ly on'). 

The incubi look for female victims – so many demons, so many tastes!

Active: 1991-present, USA

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