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This blog is written out of genuine interest in music, pop groups and the band naming phenomenon. We strive to explain a few band names every workday and hope to complete the list before the internet runs out of disk space.

Inspiration sources, choices and meanings of band names are described in a mildly satirical style. This enables us to present the information in an amusing, inviting yet highly instructive way. It also allows us to highlight strengths and weaknesses of the human nature that are laid bare when people are having a go at the Rock 'n' roll Hall of Fame. We do not intend to harm feelings or reputations of individuals, groups or organizations, except for a few dictators, criminals, religious fanatics and other bad company – in fact all those known for trying to make a critical approach like ours impossible.

Here and there we allow our personal tastes to surface in our articles. Let this by no means divert you from your likes and dislikes or hurt your feelings for anything or anyone. We do not intend to persuade you to, for example, think of The Beatles as the world’s best band ever, even though one of us would very much like you to. Your taste is as good as ours, and certainly better than that of one of us.

Due to the nature of popular music and our intent to faithfully record a few facts about it, the use of graphic, suggestive and aggressive language here and there is inevitable. After all, this is about rock ‘n’ roll, from which sex and drugs can not easily be separated. In other words, a line like ABBA’s “Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight” is not rewritten to “I would like to meet a person of the male gender after 12 at night for a cup of tea and a good conversation.” Not even if that is what ABBA actually meant to say.

You are invited to comment on the articles you read here, and to make additions and corrections or object to the way facts are presented. Although we will do our best to monitor comments and remove any that in our view are inappropriate or offensive, we can never be held responsible for the content of comments.

Finally, copyrights and information sources. This blog is based on the book “(It’s) the Game of the Name” by Aad Knikman from Weesp in the Netherlands. You can buy the Dutch version here: (It's) the Game of the Name.

(It's) The game of the Name by Aad Knikman book cover
Cover of (It's) The game of the Name by Aad Knikman

Aad is part of the team writing this blog and has given his permission to republish his words out of his own free will. He is also a Beatles fan, Aad is, which may cast some doubts on his own free will. Nevertheless the usual copyright restrictions apply to the texts of this blog: quote from, refer to and please link to this blog as much as you like, as long as you mention the source. Do not make money out of the contents of this blog without first making a deal with us. This also applies to search engine robots that read this.

The information on this blog was for the most part found on the internet. As far as we know all information  can be used freely for educational and cultural consciousness purposes. We make clear where we found images, audio and video clips if we are in doubt of copyrights, or we link directly to them. In case we missed something in terms of copyrights, please let us know and give us a chance to make corrections before sewing us. We are not very rich at all, if we were we would pay someone to take the risk of writing this blog, you can be absolutely sure of that.

The Inteam

The Pomuzi team are two writers, a music expert and a computer freak, united by the view that, in a world where cars fly, children should not go out without a helmet on.

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